1969 buick wildcat

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1969 buick wildcat

The Buick Wildcat bowed in as a luxury package in the Invicta lineup, and the next year it replaced the Invicta completely. By the Wildcat had grown up to adopt the big inch Electra chassis and was divided into three lines: the base, Deluxe, and Custom series. Optional engines included a cid V-8 that produced hp, and a cid Super Wildcat V-8 that generated hp. The base and DeLuxe series offered a four-door hardtop sedan, a two-door sport coupe, and a convertible, while the up-market Custom was only offered as a coupe and a convertible.

Wildcats changed little forand the engines remained the same with the exception of the dual-quad Super Wildcat option, which was discontinued. Minor trim alterations included the one-year-only Gran Sport option. Available as a sport coupe or convertible, it offered heavy duty suspension, dual exhaust, Posi-traction and GS badges.

With the uprated motor, the Wildcat GS could do mph in 6. The Wildcat benefitted from the smoother GM fastback design in and offered a hefty hp, cid V-8 and Super Turbine transmission.

The custom series was confined to a four-door and two-door hardtop, but the base car also offered a four-door sedan and a rare convertible, of which only 2, were built.

1969 Buick Wildcat Parts

In all Buick sold 68, Wildcats, as the model held onto its niche market. The Wildcat appeared similar to the previous year, with detail differences to the grille and side trim. The convertible Wildcat was moved to the more luxurious Custom line.

InWildcats got the same new body as the Le Sabre, but with a bolder grille, a squared-off chrome loop bumper, and swages trailing down behind both wheel arches. The Wildcat was reduced to a trim package on the Le Sabre forwhich was its last year. It got the hp, cid engine, however. The Wildcat was reduced to just the Custom series and was only sold in two-door and four-door hardtops, as well as a convertible. Buick Wildcats were a popular mid-sized, niche car in the mids.

They were a step up from the Buick LeSabre in luxury, cachet, and often in terms of performance. Convertibles in particular were never common, and make an enjoyable, and quite quick, summer cruiser. For all Hagerty Insurance clients: The values shown do not imply coverage in this amount. In the event of a claim, the guaranteed value s on your policy declarations page is the amount your vehicle s is covered for, even if the value displayed here is different.

If you would like to discuss your Hagerty Insurance policy, please call us at Get a Quote. Model Overview Images are general in nature and may not reflect the specific vehicle selected. History of the Buick Wildcat The Buick Wildcat bowed in as a luxury package in the Invicta lineup, and the next year it replaced the Invicta completely. Length: Wheel Base: The Wildcat Custom Sport Coupe. Buick's large, sporty car for the 60's. Elegant features, clean lines, and a big V8 define the Wildcat as the "wild one" of the Buick family.

Still a head-turner, this beast invokes memories of times past when big block motors ruled the highways and style was just as important as performance. The mountains of low end grunt will bring a smile to your face as you leave the traffic behind you. Inside shows to be all original, with acceptable wear for its age. Doors, hood and trunk fit well, opening and closing with a solid feel.

The windows are in good condition and operate with ease. Whether its a weekend cruise or a trip to your favorite spot, this Wildcat is ready for adventure. We road test all of our cars before bringing them to market, making sure they drive straight and stop with ease.

This one makes good power, delivering smooth acceleration and that famous Buick ride at all speeds. Back to Inventory. Engine Size CI V8. Engine Engine Type Gasoline. Body Body Color Champagne Mist. Basic Year Interior Interior Color Buckskin.

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Thank you for your interest! We will get back to you soon. Speed Digital.Classic Buick Wildcat for Sale. Classifieds for Classic Buick Wildcat. Set an alert to be notified of new listings. Now showing page 1 of 2. Browse Category. Search Tools. Set an Alert. Very Ra It's still shocking to many enthusiasts and you can count me as one of them that the big, bad GS You are looking at a Buick Wildcat 2 door hardtop just our of storage where it had been settin A rare Buick Wildcat convertible, everything works!

Fully restored with new paint job in and new interior. Engine was rebuilt in and The Lig I have for sale a beautiful Buick Wildcat Convertible. All original matching numbers car ori Refine Search. Interested In Other Items? Sign up for our daily newsletter Click Here.

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We offer truly unique and beautiful motorcars for sale. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We know that classic car financing can pose a unique challenge. We work closely with many banking institutions that understand and recognize the collector value of classic cars and view them as an investment, which allows us to help you get the financing you need so that you can have the car you have dreamed of. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, or credit schmitt.

1969 Buick Wildcat

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1969 buick wildcat

If it is not feasible for you to personally perform an inspection, we will gladly help facilitate an inspection by an independent service center of your choice and will make delivery arrangements of the vehicle for this purpose.

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If you deem the vehicle is not as represented upon personal inspection, we will not only refund your deposit, but will also reimburse your airfare at the cost of a coach ticket. Feedback must be left at the time of delivery upon final inspection. Pertaining to non-eBay winners: Anyone who has provided a deposit but whose purchase is still pending, please note that said vehicle will not be held and is subject to being sold at any time until all contingencies are removed and the purchase order is signed.

The advertised mileage represents the actual miles when the car was posted online.

1969 buick wildcat

These vehicles are test-driven and actual mileage may vary at the time of sale. All used vehicles should be assumed to have some degree of wear. We do not manufacture our product. There are no mechanical guarantees, expressed or implied. Louis, MO info schmitt. E-Mail — info schmitt. Contact Us. Finished in classic and desired Chrystal Blue Metallic with beautiful Parchment White interior and matching convertible top.The first version replaced the Buick straight-eight.

All are naturally aspirated OHV pushrod enginesexcept for an optional turbocharged version of the short-lived used in the Oldsmobile Cutlass. Some of these Buick V8s, such as the, andhad the same displacements as those from other GM divisions, but were otherwise entirely different engines.

Buick's first generation of V8 was offered from through It became known as the "nailhead" for the unusual vertical alignment of its small-sized valves, features that were the result of putting both valves on the intake manifold side of the "pent-roof" combustion chamber used in this engine series.

The small-diameter intake runners allowed these engines to develop high torquewith many exceeding one foot-pound per cubic inch, exceptional for the time. All of the nailhead designs have a 4. The smallest displacement Nailhead, it is a small-bore version of thesharing stroke and deck height but having its own 3. The was also used in the through 10,Series conventional cab Chevrolet heavy duty trucks. The was introduced in and produced through Buick, like most of its competitors, continued to expand their durable V8 engine to larger displacements, such as the 4.

Originally ait was later redesignated a to meet s GM directives for maximum displacement engines in mid-size cars. The engine was variously designated the WildcatWildcatand Wildcat depending on the foot-pounds of torque each version produced.

The Wildcat was the two-barrel carbureted engine, standard on the LeSabre. The Wildcat was a no-cost option for the LeSabre that used a lower compression ratio to run on lower- octane fuel. The various Wildcat engines had decals on their air cleaners indicating their version; however, the four-barrel edition of the small-block Buick V8 was also labeled Wildcat on its air cleaner, but was not a nailhead engine. The Wildcatwith a single four-barrel carburetor, was the standard engine in the InvictaElectra— Buick WildcatRiviera and Riviera the and Riviera models used the with a single four-barrel carburetor, labeled Wildcatas standard equipment.

Mounted on a trolley, Buick s were also used as starter motors for the SR Blackbird supersonic jet. In an effort to overcome the restrictive exhaust-port design of the nailhead, Buick drag racing enthusiasts in the s adapted superchargers with a custom camshaft to feed intake air in through the exhaust ports; the larger intake ports became the exhaust outlets.

The largest-displacement version of the nailhead, it began as an option on the Riviera and was later available on the Wildcat and Electra models. The and Riviera used the engine as standard equipment. Four-barrel carburetion was standard on the basiccalled the Wildcat for the foot-pounds of torque it developed. Coded "MW", these parts were delivered in the car's trunk for dealer installation.

InBuick unveiled an entirely new small V8 engine with aluminum cylinder heads and cylinder block. Lightweight and powerful, the aluminum V8 also spawned a turbocharged version, only in the —63 Oldsmobile Cutlasswhich together with the turbocharged Corvair Spyder, also introduced inwere the first ever offered in a passenger car. It became the basis of a highly successful cast iron V6 enginethe Fireball. The all-aluminum V8 engine was dropped after the model year, but was replaced with a very similar cast-iron-block aluminum-head version for one year, and then in all-iron versions.

Bore spacings for all variants of the SBB are 4. GM experimented with aluminum engines starting in the early s. An early-development supercharged version of the cubic-inch 3. Originally intended for cubic-inch 2. Pontiac used the Buick version of thehowever back before the mid '70s the engine was very much associated with the brand and Pontiac sold very little cars with the Buick engine, which Pontiac only used for andbesides the Pontiac 4 cylinder engine which was half of the famous V-8 made the same HP with its 4bbl.

The Oldsmobile version of this engine, although sharing the same basic architecture, had cylinder heads and angled valve covers designed by Oldsmobile engineers to look like a traditional Olds V8 and was produced on a separate assembly line.

The major design differences were in the cylinder heads: Buick used a 5-bolt pattern around each cylinder where Oldsmobile used a 6-bolt pattern and a wedge combustion chamber which allowed larger valves.

1969 Buick Wildcat

The sixth bolt was added to the intake manifold side of the head, one extra bolt for each cylinder, meant to alleviate a head-warping problem on high-compression versions. This meant that Buick heads would fit on Oldsmobile blocks, but not vice versa.

Changing the compression ratio on an Oldsmobile required changing the heads, but on a Buickonly the pistons, which was less expensive and simpler. For that reason, the more common Buick version which looks like a traditional nailhead V8 has emerged as more desirable to some.See results below for Buick Wildcat Parts. Classic Industries is America's first choice for Buick Wildcat parts and accessories.

Product Reproduction of the original style headlight adjuster screw assembly used for headlamp beam adjustment on various GM models from This nut and screw assembly mounts directly to the headlamp housing and enables the View Product Details. Product K Reproduction of the original stainless steel arm rest base molding installed on GM models. The original arm rest bases were manufactured with two locating holes drilled out for attachment of these polished stainless Product BGC.

Replacing your original damaged or missing back glass will enhance your vehicle? Product FDT. Replacing your broken or missing front door glass with this quality reproduction will enhance the appearance and safety of your vehicle by helping you see clearly. Designed to fit and install exactly as original. Each door Product FDC. Product C The rear control link bushing mounts from the rear control link of the frame to Reproduction of the original AC CW air cleaner filter that installs on all original style open element air cleaners, cowl induction air cleaners and dual snorkel air cleaners.

This air cleaner filter includes the Reproduction of the original arm rest pad found on various GM models from including Camaro and Firebird models. Produced using modern urethane materials, this reproduction arm rest pad features correct Madrid Reproduction of the original zinc die-cast ribbed door lock knobs are heavy-duty style reproductions of the original style door lock knobs found on a wide variety of GM models from including, but not limited to the Reproduction washer pump for various GM vehicles.

Engineered to match original equipment washer pump in design, functionality, and appearance.Even though we are not open to public, we are open for online Sales. If you are interested in purchasing a car, please call our showroom, or one of our Sales associates.

They can help you with the purchase, financing and shipping of any car. Stock: KCM. Year Make: Buick. Model: Wildcat. Engine: Transmission: Automatic. Exterior Color: Metallic Green. Interior Color: Black. Mileage: 76, actual. This vehicle has been viewed 1, times. Buick has always been a symbol of affordable luxury, blessed with noteworthy ride and handling characteristics.

1969 buick wildcat

The automaker has habitually bestowed its cars with attractive styling, complemented by interiors comparable to upscale Cadillac, and, in some cases, equaling those found in its lavish Detroit rivals. The Wildcat came into existence as a notable member of Buick's concept car fleet of the early Fifties, with several of its styling cues later adapted to the division's existing product lineup.

Inthe Wildcat coupe ditched the fastback roofline it had worn the previous four years in favor of an equally-good-looking formal roof with vinyl top. Signature Buick sweep spear styling flowed from each wheel opening, reminiscent of the Camaro, making even the pillarless four-door hardtops look sleek.

Powered by a cubic-inch, horsepower Buick big-block V-8 in and a hp Buick forthese cars offered spirited performance, upscale looks, and luxurious amenities. Our '69 Wildcat specimen, gleaming from top to bottom, has just arrived from one meticulous owner!

This multi trophy winning, Best-of-Show stopping Buick is gorgeous outside, inside and underneath. And with just a little over 76K miles, you would be challenged to find a nicer Buick Wildcat that absolutely looks brand new! But, don't wait too long, this cat will be on the prowl for a new, very pleased owner. The vehicles sold at Gateway Classic Cars are not new; they can be expected to require greater upkeep and repair. Gateway Classic Cars disclaims any and all warranties. Any descriptions or representations are for identification purposes only and are not to be construed as a warranty of any type.

Gateway Classic Cars relies on the owner s for information about the vehicles. Gateway Classic Cars cannot be, and is not, responsible for omissions, errors, or inaccurate representations based upon information provided to it by owner s. By way of example only, if a vehicle is marked as numbers matching, original mileage, or complete restoration, that information has been provided to Gateway Classic Cars by the owner s and has not been verified by Gateway Classic Cars.

Any potential buyer is encouraged to verify this information on their own prior to purchase. Gateway Classic Cars assumes no responsibility for any repair regardless of any oral statements about the vehicle. Typographical errors happen.

Buick Wildcat

Gateway Classic Cars is not responsible for any such error in the description or price listed for any vehicle. O'Fallon, IL. Showroom Inventory All Showrooms. Atlanta Chicago. Dallas Denver. Detroit Ft. Houston Indianapolis. Kansas City Las Vegas.

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