Inkbird ibt 4xs

The over temperature alarm, range and time count down alarm will make grilling easy even for beginners. And you can entertain friends, prepared other food or have a nap. And it is the best choice for festival gift.

The magnetic design on the back of the device could be adsorbed on the smoker or oven strongly. Another amazing design is that LED reading could be rotated by double touching the power key. Large LED display screen and temperature graph.

Inkbird IBT-4XS Bluetooth Wireless Grill Thermometer with 1000mAh Li-Battery and USB Charging Cable

Wireless digital thermometer for cooking, grilling, BBQ, oven, meat, boiling and more! Alarm when temperature reaches, power off or lose link and so on. Presetting values are saved when power off. Shows Centigrade or Fahrenheit. Electronic thermometer backed by a month warranty policy! BBQ Go, your best cooking helper! Magnetic Design, Easy to use. The digital tube of LED is 2.

The device app is with the graph function. Fully charging capacity could be last for 60 hours when it works. The battery capacity could be monitored via APP. So economical, durable, effective, and environmentally. Environmentally and Friendly.

Inkbird Wireless Digital Grill BBQ Food Rechargeable Thermometer IBT-4XR

Scan it for the app. Works With:. Built-in mAh lithium battery. For support, please visit support center or email us. Probe Number: Up to 4 probes. Over Temperature Alarm Range alarm Time count-down alarm.

Dimension Body: 83x83x28mm 3. Contact Us. User Manual. About Us. All rights reserved.Looking for a 4-probe, Bluetooth enabled wireless thermometer?

Find out what we like, what could be improved and our overall thoughts and feelings on the Inkbird IBT-4XS in the following review. Those of us that know a bit about grilling understand that a serious griller uses technology to advance themselves and their cooks. The BBQ tech sector has seen a boom in gadget and accessory sales recently, most of which can make you better at grilling in an instant.

One of these gadgets is the Bluetooth enabled thermometer that allows you to enjoy the freedom to roam while your grill does its thing. Check Price on Amazon. The Inkbird is a four-channel, Bluetooth enabled thermometer that wirelessly connects to your smartphone via an app to monitor your meat and grill temperature. The unit is rechargeable via USB and has a free app download pre-programmed with presets for food groups. It also has time and temperature alarms to help you achieve your perfect cook.

The probes can be used for both meat and ambient temperatures, and each bundle has two grate clips. For a well-priced thermometer, the Inkbird is impressive. Here are the key features we enjoyed the most:. You might think this is an odd feature to start with! But if like me, you have a habit of leaving thermometers on and are constantly having to replace batteries, you probably know that battery-powered gadgets can be a pain in the proverbial.

The unit comes with a mAh lithium battery that charges from dead to full in just 2 hours. Meaning a quick charge of 30 minutes or so should give you a good few hours of use if you need it for an impromptu BBQ. The Inkbird app is the same app that a few other Bluetooth thermometers use, so you might have already used it. Just open it, scan for devices, and connect. The presets cover 11 meat types and cooks, all with a set temperature.

The beef preset also has rare, medium, and well-done options for you to choose from. The graph feature generates a temp-over-time graph showing heat spikes, or where the temperature is dropping off. The alarms tab shows when and why the alarms went off for you to monitor and adjust next time you do the same cook. One criticism we have is the lack of data export capability. You cannot transfer or download data like some other apps, so if you want to keep a history, you will need to take screenshots or make old-school notes.

A nifty little feature not seen on many competing thermometers is the ability to rotate the base unit display. The app has eight meat presets and three smoke presets that are all adjustable, allowing you to choose your preferred level of doneness. For most people, that will be more than enough to allow them to go indoors and prepare any sides and desserts they have planned while their prize pork-butt slow cooks to perfection.

If you do have a particularly obstructed line of sight from the house to the grill, you might be better off with a wireless Wi-Fi thermometer that allows global connection without range limitations. The probes on this budget Inkbird are impressive, double-crimped at the cable connection means they are more protected than some other more expensive thermometers. So it will stand up to a firm tug when removing from a meat joint. The probe cables are stainless-steel mesh with Teflon-coated interior wires, heat resistant to f with a right-angle bend in them that makes them easier to grip and remove.

Probes can become problematic and damaged if not handled correctly. So, whether you have these probes or some from another product, use these simple steps to keep them in tip-top condition and extend their lives. Do not submerge in water to clean them as they are not certified waterproof, and it will void your warranty.

The Inkbird unit has just an on-off switch and a single button. That coupled with the BBQ Go app make this thermometer super user-friendly, the whole thing is a cinch to set up.

The unit in action appears to be reading every secondand when inserted into food goes from air temperature to meat temperature in around 30 seconds. The large LCD screen is easy to read with red numbers on a black background.

With the capacity for four probes giving you plenty of cooking potential, this unit is built to work, and the simple but intuitive app means using it is a doddle.The app provides Overview IHC is an easy-to-use, safe and reliable dual relay output humidity controller.

Its play-n-plug designed, dual LED screens enabling mo The product will be much safe when usi Empire Theme by Pixel Union. Powered by Shopify. View cart. Tap or pinch to zoom. Click or scroll to zoom. The app has 12 kinds of preset temperatures of meat and 5 recommended doneness levels for you to choose. The maximum monitoring distance is ft. Ipx5 Rated Waterproof: The ipx5 rated waterproof thermometer can be used both indoors and outdoors even on rainy days. You can stay indoors and check the grill with your phone when the weather is bad.

The function also helps a lot to cleaning, just wipe the device with a wet cloth or flush it with water quickly to remove grease and other dirt Convenient Operation: It is convenient to monitor temperatures of more than one piece of meat and ambient temperature with 3 meat temperature probes and 1 ambient temperature probe at the same time.

Humanized Magnetic Design: Magnetic backboard design make it possible to attach the thermometer on ovens, drums, smokers or other metalware nearby. The direction of readings on the LED screen can be reversed through tapping the button twice, you can on opposite direction, and all the other functions can be operated with the button, no more tedious operation is needed. Rechargeable Battery: Inkbird has adopted high quality built-in mA rechargeable lithium battery that could last 60 hours once fully charged.

Inkbird IBT-4XS Review – Bluetooth Smoker and Grill Thermometer

Inkbird will provide 12 months warranty for all customers. Please feel free to contact us at anytime if you meet problems.

View full details. Quick shop. Choose options. Customer Reviews. Company Home Search About Contact. Added to your cart:.The app provides 11 different type of cooking meats.

inkbird ibt 4xs

Four probes could connect to multi pieces of meat when you cooking. Two clips could hold the probe in the oven or smoker to avoid the direct touching with the fire. IBT-4XS grilling thermometer is equipped with a timer and temperature alarm that will let you know when your food is ready.

No more worries! It is very good for cooking, grilling, BBQ, oven, meat, boiling and more! Now it is a meat probe and a oven probe. Now it is equipped with three meat probes and one oven probes. Overview IHC is an easy-to-use, safe and reliable dual relay output humidity controller.

Its play-n-plug designed, dual LED screens enabling mo The product will be much safe when usi Empire Theme by Pixel Union. Powered by Shopify. View cart. Tap or pinch to zoom. Click or scroll to zoom. Large LED display screen and temperature graph.

Portable design with strong magnetic back, easy to carry Powered by a chargeable mAh high capacity lithium battery Free app to perfectly match your smartphones or iPhones. Wireless digital thermometer for cooking, grilling, BBQ, oven, meat, boiling and more! Alarm when temperature reaches, power off or lose link and so on. Presetting values are saved when power off. Shows Centigrade or Fahrenheit. Electronic thermometer backed by a month warranty policy!

Please make sure the probes be fully inserted in the sockets. The temperature will be inaccurate if there are gaps between the probe and the sockets. For example, the temperature will display F or other inaccurate readings if not insert the probes well. Pair it to your smartphone or iPhone via bluetooth function Android 4.

High temperature accuracy could let you be rest for your cooking. Magnetic Design. The magnetic design on the back of the device could be adsorbed on the smoker or oven ect. Another amazing design is that LED reading could be rotated by double touching the power key. You can read temperature value any side.

inkbird ibt 4xs

Please do not put the unit in high temperature places.SmokedBBQSource is supported by its readers. We may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you i f you buy through a link on this page. Learn more. Sure, being able to keep track of your meat and pit temperatures on your phone sounds great.

But issues with connectivity and limited range have made us stick to tried and true WiFi thermometers like the Thermoworks Smoke. So when a rep from InkBird approached us and asked if we wanted to take the new IBT-4XS Bluetooth Thermometer for a spin, we thought we might be in for another disappointment. I was provided with a free product in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions herein are my own and are not influenced by the related company in any way.

The first thing you notice after opening the box is the simplicity of the main unit. InkBird have moved all of the controls and most of the information into the companion app which you install on your phone or tablet.

This has allowed them to keep the main unit super clean and simple. The actual unit is made out of plastic, and feels lightweight and sleek. You get capacity for up to 4 probes, and the unit ships with either 4 or 2.

Our first impressions were mostly positive. There are a few other handy features we found when using this thermometer. Like the ability to rotate the screen to match whatever orientation you like. The unit is magnetic so you can easily stick it to a cool surface near your smoker.

Having a built in battery you can charge via USB is convenient. Fully charged this unit can last for 60 hours so this should be more than enough for multiple cooks. Aside from those few gripes this is a well made thermometer that does a great job at monitoring your meat and pit temps.

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inkbird ibt 4xs

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inkbird ibt 4xs

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