W220 airmatic valve block repair

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W220 airmatic issue

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W airmatic valve block replacement? My W, rides fine, and drives fine as far as the airmatic is concerned, however, there is a problem waiting in the wings. When the car is left for something like hours, or overnight, the rear ride height gradually creeps up. Front a little too, though not as noticeable.

w220 airmatic valve block

Press the unlock button on the remote, or "wake up" the car by opening the door etc, and the car drops back down to its normal height and normal service is resumed. Now, i am assuming that something in the valve block is sticking open a bit, allowing air to feed into the struts from the accumulator over a period of time. Pump seems fine, and does what its supposed to do without undue noise or excessive running. Does this sound the right diagnosis?

So, the next question is, can the valve block be rebuilt or cleaned?

How to Replace the Level Control Valve on Your Airmatic Suspension - On Demand Video

If not, and a new, or second hand one needs to be fitted, how does one go about it? I've read up on the subject as much as i can, with regard to having the car raised up with no load on the suspension, and then gradually lowering it to gently re pressurize the struts. Can anyone elaborate on this procedure? Or better still, has anyone done a valve replacement, and can give me some pointers? I will see what is said on this valve block.

If you spray soapy water on the block you will see air bubbles if its leaking the body is alloy and becomes porous. So it should stop future leaks there.

Last edited: Apr 25, EmilysDadApr 25, Messages: Likes Received: 9 Joined: Mar 9, But if you regard it as dead, it's a no loose situation.Log in or Sign up. Mercedes-Benz Owners' Forums. This site uses cookies.

By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Can anyone suggest a cheaper place to get the o-rings?

Cheers Gaz. BotusSep 8, Looking for tips. Valve block is only leaking. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. BotusSep 11, EmilysDadSep 11, BMW was working on a resistance not on off voltage. A week after I told they were idiots they reinstated the correct part and supplied all was good, driving with a dangly second stalk just for cruise was a pain at k the EGR pipe cracked, part in stock at main dealer 18 miles away picked up and fitted on a Saturday worst one was the later car the heater tap leaked.

First time was a nightmare taking 3 hours to get the spring clips off, once replaced with proper jubilee clips fitted in the right orientation, second time the tap went I did it in 10 mins with one screwdriver and a litre of antifreeze for 2 years drove with the instrument light out at one end of the display.

That was a bit of a bugger and took me 5 hours. Last edited: Sep 14, BotusSep 14, Not as easy as I had hoped as many of the nuts had fused themselves to the bolts. I cleaned up asbest I could, and blasted with compressed air - then replaced all the 'o' rings, and valve block rubber perimiter seal and put back together. Not sure if it will work yet as I am waiting on a new compressor hanger bracket from Mercedes, plus some rubber bumpers to attach the valve block to the bracket.

I am not sure if the reassembled item will be air tight - we shall see. I found also that the pipe from the compressor air filter to compressor had a split in it, which may have been for the best considering the amount of rust inside the filter - hopefully it was sucking in at least unfiltered fresh air instead of rust - I will blow clear all the air lines and hope not too much damage has already occured from 'bad air'.Throughout the last twenty years, Mercedes-Benz equipped numerous vehicles in their lineup with air-ride from the factory.

This system, although complex, shouldn't be feared; it's broken up into relatively easy-to-service components. Introduced on the W S-Class for the model year, Mercedes-Benz began equipping various models throughout their lineup with an air-suspension system dubbed "Airmatic".

This system replaced the traditional coil-springs found on cars leading up to this time with air-springs with electronic level control and adaptive damping at all four corners. The combination of adaptive damping that adjusts based on road quality and driving style in concert with air springs makes for an extremely comfortable ride.

You might be asking why you would want such a complex system in place of the much simpler coil-spring setup. There are a number of reasons, some of which make it well worth it over the traditional coil-spring suspension. This is the brain of the system. As an example, the module can use braking torque or engine torque values to determine when to switch the damping valves and reduce body roll.

These adjustments can be performed in milliseconds, which is especially helpful during emergency maneuvers. The Airmatic control module is located in the passenger compartment right side footwell. You will need to pull back the carpeting to access it where it is mounted on a plate. You wouldn't think it, but the instrument cluster plays a vital roll in the Airmatic system. The cluster provides warnings for when the vehicle is too low as well as an indicator that the vehicles is rising and current damping levels.

This is your first sign when something is wrong with the system. There are both manual and automatic means to adjust the vehicle level. You can raise the vehicle mm market dependent using a switch near the shift lever. There is a second switch that changes the drive modes of the vehicle. These are the three modes discussed above: Comfort, Sport 1, and Sport 2. Sport 1 and Sport 2 lower the vehicle 15mm market dependant.

The suspension is also adaptive and automatically switches the damping profile to Sport 1 above mph. The compressor provides the system pressure for raising the vehicle as well as a pressure relief valve for lowering it. The compressor relay is responsible for starting and stopping the compressor. The compressor is located in the forward portion of the front-left wheel well. The Airmatic fuse is located in the passenger compartment right side footwell.

You will need to pull back the carpeting and the plate that mounts the suspension control module to access the fuse. The fuse is in position The levels sensors are mounted on a bracket near the upper control arms on the front of the vehicle. Each sensor is connected to a link rod attached directly to the upper control arm.

The sensors produce a voltage that the Airmatic Control Module translates to axle height. There is a single rear axle level sensor located near the rear-left drive axle. Located at various points in the interior and exterior of the vehicle. The sensors measure turn rate and lateral acceleration. Information from these sensors are used to calculate vertical and horizontal acceleration. The front lateral sensors are located on the strut tower just forward of the front air strut.

This assembly distributes air to each of the front struts and to the rear axle. It also has a direct connection to the air compressor and has the pressure sensor for the system. The valve is easy to locate as it's positioned directly next to the compressor. The main reservoir is a metal pressure vessel that stores compressed air at bar and is used to level the vehicle.Forums New posts Search forums.

w220 airmatic valve block repair

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Log in. Install the app. Contact us. Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. W airmatic issue. Thread starter design guru Start date Feb 20, Tags airmatic high issue w I have a w S cdi, recently I have noticed when parked up over night the car raises to the maximum height, even when I unlock the car usually it drops by releasing the pressure but it remains at maximum height.

It does go down to normal heigh once I begin driving but the raises up when parked up. Very odd as I usually read about cars dropping overnight. Any suggestions on any obvious symptoms that can cause this issue. Well considering I had not takers on a possible reason for this I decided to take a good look, the first part was the filter, not sure what its supposed to be like inside but mine is like a rock, I have soaked it in some water to see if it does anything but either way it probably needs replacing.

The problem now is the front end has begun to drop overnight slightly, the rear still raises and I have checked to top of the strut and there are no leaks there. It never drops to the point where it says its to low to drive but whilst driving it keeps running the pump every minutes but at no point does it warn of an air-matic issue.

I went on holiday a few months back and whilst the car was at maximum height and disconnected the battery for 10 days and when I got back it was still at maximum so I assume the struts are fine. I sprayed some soap on the valve block and can't see any air bubbles but when I pressed the raise button but it would not raise, but did raise when I removed the filter.

I am going to replace the filter but could the filter be the cause of these symptoms? Must have missed this originally. I am speaking from a rather old memory, I had a W with air suspension and remember vaguely not being able to drive the car when the suspension is raised, it lowered itself, probably for safety and stability reasons. Have you checked the wiring to the height adjuster switch? If there is some corrosion, it may be set to max height.

I can't remember there being a filter on the system, but as said it is a long time ago. Best of luck.In this video, I will go over the procedure of removing and replacing the level control valve in your older Mercedes with Airmatic suspension. The work here will be performed on a W S Other models may have the valve located in a different position with slightly different mounting. Most of the cautions and general principles will also apply to the W models with airmatic.

I highly recommend you try to gain access to a car lift to complete this job. It will go much faster with less hassle and frustration. If you do not have a lift you will need to jack the car off the ground and support it with four jack stands so the wheels are not touching the ground.

This procedure will NOT be covered in this video.

Mercedes sl55 ABC suspension valve block repaired

I will explain how to raise and support the car on a lift, how to gain access to the valve, how to SAFELY remove it compressor must be removed firstwhy these valves have problems, how to prepare the new valve for installation, how to mount it and install the plastic air lines, how to get the electrical plugs back in with ease, how to properly position the car to get the compressor pump to run and fill the system, how to raise the car without damaging the struts, and how to double check for leaks.

I feel this is the most often overlooked part of the airmatic system. Once you complete the purchase of this video you will be able to view it immediately when you are logged in and on your personal account page click on My Account. The video s will show up under My Video Manuals.

The video is NOT downloadable to your computer or mobile device, but you will be able to view it anytime, from anywhere and from any device as long as you have internet access and you are logged in to your account at mercedessource.

Please read the full description carefully to determine if this video is applicable to your year and model and contains the information you are looking for.

If not, please refer back to our "Solutions Finder" and enter your chassis number and the specific problem you are having to see if we offer a solution. This system is no where near as complicated as the air suspension on my SEL 6. Kent will show you how he found one very small leak in the front and a inconsistant leak in the rear of the airmatic suspension on a W S Neither of these leaks were showing up on any diagnostic scan so they were not the direct fault of major component failure.

This becomes something you should inspect on cars with over 80, if they have been driven on rough roads, and overon airmatic cars that have mostly freeway mileage.

This part is often overlooked - not hard to replace - but if not done right could end up expensive and very frustrating. On Demand Video.

Product Details Video Preview:. This video does NOT include the following: Troubleshooting or repairing other components of the aromatic system. Please see related videos below: Information on jacking and supporting the car without a lift during replacement of the level control valve.ABC system provides greater roll control and eliminates any "nosedive" even with heavy braking not that there is much of either with Airmatic.

Both suspension systems are responsible for the superb ride and handling of the W and being complex systems will require maintenance. Airmatic systems on earlier cars tended to fail more often than on the '03 and later - the '04s and on are less problematic. However, there is no such thing a "bulletproof" pneumatic suspension system. Seals and pumps will wear, and struts will have to be replaced. You'd have to do the same thing with standard shocks, too - but Airmatic will be more expensive.

The best protection is to become familiar with the early signs of Airmatic problems, and fix them right away. Letting them go runs the cost up. They are not especially problematic, but like any complex system, they break - and any luxury car is expensive to repair. Keep in mind that if the garage you use does not have STAR Diagnostics and can not interpret the values both in sensor voltage and other tests, then don't waste your time and money. Find someone who can. One common failure point which was initially subject to inspection and free replacement, was the high-pressure line from the pump to the valve body.

Another common weakness in the pre 'ish W's compared to those from a few years later, is the seals at the tops of the front suspension struts. The older design can leak air over time. The newer models and ones with new replacement parts do not leak. Cars that were under warranty could have these seals replaced with that coverage. The W AIRmatic system is a fully supporting air suspension system which provides both static and dynamic support by means of four air struts located at the wheels.

Each strut has an air spring containing an air bag bladder and a dampener built-in to the one unit. The struts get air via a valve distribution unit from an air compressor located behind the front bumper close to the front right wheel well. On the opposite side is the central reservoir which stores air pressure for use when the pump is not running. The valve unit is connected to a computer which monitors the air pressure, the vehicle weight, the vehicle height requirement and vehicle stance angle and then sets the ride height accordingly.

The following input signals are processed by the function logic component and used for calculations or to provide information:. The conditioned input signals are processed in the logic component and converted into output signals. A parked vehicle is "woken up" before the engine is started. That is to say, the AIRmatic with ADS control module receives signals from the door contact switches, the trunk switch and infrared remote control indicating that the driver may soon start the engine and drive the vehicle.

The current vehicle level is checked immediately and corrected if required.Where possible, we will provide links to the streaming events available on the platforms provided by the official broadcasters. Please note that in many cases, a digital subscription or user authentication with a TV or internet provider will be required.

w220 airmatic valve block repair

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w220 airmatic valve block repair

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